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AS91XX Series - Supply Chain Management

06 September 2019
Supply Chain Management is one of the critical activities within the AS91XX series of standards and a lot of new requirements were placed into the recent revisions...

There are some key messages and process requirements within this section and not all of them are being fully understood or addressed by organizations when assessments are taking place.

This recorded webinar will highlight the key requirements and explain in more detail what is expected, especially around the risk based approach to supply chain management. It runs through some of the models and tools which can be applied such as the Supplier Selection and Capabilities Assessment, Product Performance Detailed Assessment, Supplier Quality Management Basics, Sub-tier Suppler Control and a common failure of Requirements and Flowdown.

Whether you are a large organization with thousands of parts and services being purchased or a smaller entity with many off the shelf items, supply chain management is an important part of any AS91XX certification approval and a great deal of benefit can be gained if applied correctly.

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