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How to Measure your Carbon Footprint to Become Carbon Neutral Verified

09 May 2022
Watch the first of this 4-part recorded webinar series delivered in conjunction with our special guests from Auditel on a step by step guide to becoming Carbon Neutral.

Please feel free to download the slides here.

The very first step on for any organisation on the on the journey towards verified carbon neutrality (PAS 2060) must be to measure their current Carbon Inventory accurately and professionally.

This video provides an understanding of different quality of Carbon Footprints available and the standards required to meet the verification specifications for PAS 2060.

Understanding and definition of the boundaries of your organisations footprint is also another important part of this first step.

Understanding how to correctly measure your Carbon Footprint is critical to gaining verified Carbon Neutral status under PAS 2060, so this is a 'must watch' for anyone wanting to start this journey.

Your hosts, Gavin Miller & Sean Connaughton from Auditel discuss the below:

  • Organisational Emissions impact on the environment

  • Understanding Scope 1, 2 and 3

  • What data and how to collect it

  • Data analysis to establish a Carbon Footprint

This webinar is the first in a 4-part series. Watch the rest of the series here:

About your hosts

Gavin Miller & Sean Connaughton are two of Auditel’s fifty strong Carbon Solutions team.

Gavin provides carbon management and sustainability solutions for companies of all shapes and sizes. His background lies in commercial and strategic marketing roles (BBC Worldwide, Universal Pictures) and for the past 15 years leading SMEs in the media, digital, marketing and content sector.

He now leverages that experience to help companies directly achieve carbon neutrality aligned with sustainability solutions. He is a NQA Associate, applying the PAS 2060 carbon neutrality framework.

He has been appointed course director for Autumn 2022 at The Chartered institute of Marketing on their Sustainability in Marketing Programme, is a Fellow of The Chartered institute of Marketing, holds a MBA from Durham University Business School and has just completed the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership ‘Sustainability in Business’ programme.

Sean is passionate about helping his clients on their journey to Net Zero by reducing their carbon emissions and their costs at the same time by providing solutions which are designed to allow future verification for PAS 2060:2014.

With over 30 years of senior management and board room experience, Sean is a proactive and results-based professional who specialises in business and cost transformation through strategic carbon and cost management.

He is proud to be a trusted advisor and assists his clients to make more effective and better-informed decarbonisation and procurement decisions.

Sean has recognised competency in delivering PAS 2060 and states “Knowing I have made a difference to the organisations I work with by saving them time, money, stress and THE PLANET is the greatest feeling in business.


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