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Cost of E&E legislation are the biggest threats to the IT industry

08 April 2015
The price of energy and the demands placed on businesses through environmental legislation continue to be considered amongst the biggest threats to the UK IT industry.

This is according to the results of Uninterruptible Power Supplies Limited’s (UPSL) latest industry survey, which questioned 2,000 IT professionals across the UK. It revealed that 77.51 per cent believe that power costs are still a ‘major concern to their business’, with over 60 per cent also conceding that increasing environmental legislation represents a ‘significant risk’ to their long-term prosperity.

It’s clear that there is strong pressure to control energy costs and to be more environmentally efficient, but the survey does demonstrate that, at least for some, things are looking brighter. With the price of oil having decreased significantly, there is a realistic belief that energy prices are set to stabilise and, according to the ratings agency, Moody’s, UK energy prices will remain close to current levels until 2020. This isn’t a view shared by everyone but is still in stark contrast to far more negative forecasts from a couple of years ago.

David Renton, managing director for UPSL, said,

‘Regardless of how energy costs and capacity develops, the survey’s findings underscore how those working in IT and data centre related industries are vulnerable to rising power costs and increasing environmental legislation, with electricity costs in particular making up a notable proportion of IT businesses’ operational expenditure.’

Companies within the industry can significantly reduce their energy usage however through the adoption of an ISO 50001 certified energy management system. This is so far the fastest growing standard as a result of the financial benefits it can drive back to the business. InTouch Readers can request a free advisory visit to help your company get started or view business case studies and guidance here.