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60 Seconds with John Millichap

15 January 2018
Business Development Manager John Millichap gives us his top tips for people looking to get certified and shares with us his passion for helping clients. 

What is your role?

I am a Business Development Manager - Working as an integral part of the UK Business Development team this field based role focuses on meeting with customers; both new and existing with the aim to deliver and develop excellent customer relationships; providing advice on certification and training and the added value that NQA will bring to the business partnership.

Most memorable moment at work?

Delivering a presentation to NISSAN UK and subsequently winning their business - based on cost and value. It was great to know that another large and well-trusted brand had come on board and chosen NQA to provide their certification requirements.

Favourite things about working for NQA?

  • The people
  • The teamwork
  • The innovation
  • The drive for ultimate customer service

Top tip for people looking at certification?

I believe it is very important to firstly ensure that the certification body you decide on is UKAS accredited to give you as much standing as possible when going to tender after all your hard work. I would also suggest making sure their costs are transparent (all-inclusive) as some organisations can add some unwelcome ‘hidden’ costs. Most importantly you need to feel comfortable knowing that your certification body will be a suitable business partner who is capable of delivering continual improvement and excellent customer service in line with your business needs.

How might you be able to help our readers?

I am passionate about helping our customers to improve their products, processes and people so they can deliver excellent customer satisfaction and continually improve.

For existing customers I can provide a comprehensive Business Review; whether it is looking at extensions to scope for existing standards or looking to explore additional standards. I will provide practical advice and costs for certification and associated training.

For new customers looking to transfer their current certification I will work with them to provide a seamless experience. For those customers who are new to certification or looking to achieve additional standards - I will provide a full overview of what is required and the support NQA can provide to ensure they realise their objective; working as their point of contact on their certification journey.