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Remote Auditing with an NQA Assessor

25 March 2020
A light hearted view on why you should continue with your remote audit.

By Judith Hargreaves

There have been many mornings when it has been cold, dark and early, not even the street lights are on, most likely throwing it down with rain, that I have questioned my decision to not get a hotel the night before. I say with a 100% certainty that I am not the only auditor who has left at 4am to get to a client at 9am and we do it because we don’t want to miss family time, but also audit day is important to our clients, and to us.

There have been many evenings stuck in terrible traffic, and the sat nav creeps up and up until it says you won’t be home until 8pm and you’re missing the sun in the garden and the BBQ. These are the times you wish you worked closer to home or from home…

Careful what you wish for!

Here’s my light hearted look at why you should continue with your audit as a remote audit and ensure that you maintain continuity of your business and your certification.

On a serious note; this is a fantastic opportunity!

We are able to demonstrate that no matter the situation we are achieving, supporting and working WITH our clients. As a company and a team, we are strong in adapting and overcoming for the good of industry, and ensuring that business goes on.

As people, we can take comfort that the directors of our organisations have been forward thinking and reactive, putting staff first to ensure we are safe and reducing risk to our families whilst maintaining continuity across the business.

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