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Guidance for Pollution Prevention: Above ground oil storage tanks

25 May 2017

This Guidance for Pollution Prevention (GPP) helps anyone who intends to install or replace above ground oil storage tanks or has existing oil storage tanks on site to minimise the risk of causing pollution. It does not apply to England.
They cover information on small or medium-sized commercial oil storage or domestic oil tanks and agricultural oil storage.
Who does this affect: Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland
Information provided in this document will help to identify the correct storage tank, help reduce the risks of product loss, clean-up costs and pollution to the environment.
This Guidance provides information on:

  • the importance of insurance cover in case of spills to cover clean-up costs, liability, oil loss and damage to the tank;

  • legislation that applies in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in terms of oil storage;

  • location of the oil tank - what to look out for when making a decision and how to avoid high-risk locations where a spill could cause pollution to the environment;

  • types of oil storage tanks that suit the specific needs and what mitigation measures need to be taken into account (such as secondary containment);

  • secondary containment;

  • process of installing tanks;

  • fittings and pipework;

  • safe oil deliveries to the tank;

  • maintenance;

  • mobile bowsers;

  • security and oil spill actions.

The full text of the Regulations may be found here.
Source: http://www.netregs.org.uk/.