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Restriction on flying close to Nuclear sites

25 October 2016

What is the new legislation: The Air Navigation (Restriction of Flying) (Nuclear Installations) Regulations 2016
Who does this affect: UK
When does this change take place:  10th October 2016

These Regulations impose restrictions on flying in the airspace in the vicinity of certain nuclear installations for reasons of public safety. This has been agreed by the Civil Aviation Authority and the Department for Transport. In relation to regulation 3(2), the term ‘aircraft’ includes aircraft as classified by Part 1 of Schedule 4 to the Air Navigation Order 2016. It also includes, by virtue of article 23 of that Order, any small balloon, any kite weighing not more than two kilograms, any small unmanned aircraft and any parachute including a parascending parachute. Full details of the Statutory Instrument will be promulgated in the United Kingdom Aeronautical Information Publication. The zones will also be depicted on related aeronautical charts. Further enquiries of the Civil Aviation Authority may be made to Mr R E J Gratton, Principal Airspace Regulator, Safety and Airspace Regulation Group, telephone number 020 7453 6586.