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Direct Waste Management First COVID SECURE Guideline Verification Client

09 June 2020
NQA client Direct Waste Management has become the first organisation to attain COVID SECURE Guideline Verification.

NQA’s COVID SECURE Guideline Verification is an independent verification. It provides assurance that an organisation has put in place specific measures to mitigate the transmission of COVID-19 in accordance with the government guidelines.

Whilst the correct implementation of government guidelines does not eliminate the risk that COVID-19 transmission may occur, it could help to reduce the likelihood.

Direct Waste Management are a long standing client of NQA’s, they take great pride in their ISO certification achievements, including certification to ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environment) and ISO 45001 (Health and Safety), so it was no surprise they wanted to ensure the safety of their employees and customers at the first opportunity they had. Further supporting their commitment to provide their stakeholders with the best possible service throughout their entire operation.
“COVID SECURE Guideline Verification seemed like a great way to assure our customers and employees that we have done everything we can to make them safe at work; and also when we collect and deliver oil.” Jackie Horne, HSEQ Advisor, Direct Waste Management  
“The government guidelines were lengthy and a little confusing at first, but once we got our head around which bits were relevant to us, we soon realised we had almost everything in place already. As we had continued working during the lockdown period, we had already established new processes and ways of working, some of these came from employee suggestions, which was fantastic."

During the verification process, NQA assessed Direct Waste Management’s risk assessment, actions and plans related to mitigating the risk of transmission of COVID-19 within their business. The verification was against the most recent government guidance set out at the time the verification took place and can be seen on their statement of verification.
HSEQ Advisor, Jackie Horne continued: “I would highly recommend the service from NQA for all audits not just the verification. Kevin, our Assessor, was extremely thorough, it was an intense but interesting experience for us both as this is a new service that NQA offers.”
NQA’s Managing Director, Nick Wright, comments: “Direct Waste Management is the first company in the UK to get certified to NQA’s COVID SECURE Guideline Verification. Giving their employees and customers confidence that they are working in the safest manner possible in these challenging times and continuing to build trust in their supply chain. A huge well done to the whole team at Direct Waste Management for striving to be industry leaders and set the bar for others.”

Find out more about NQA’S COVID SECURE Guideline Verification offering hereTo get a quote for COVID SECURE Guideline Verification download our interactive Quote Request Form here or give us a call to find out more.
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Direct Waste Management Ltd
Direct Waste Management Ltd is a family owned business; established in 1994, that leads the field of managing wastes and sludge’s through Scotland. They provide innovative waste management solutions, excellent customer service and added value to their customers, ensuring quality, best practice and safety are at the heart of everything they do.
Over the years, their requirements for Fabrication, HGV Maintenance & Consulting have increased. With this increase, came the decision to manage their third party requirements in house, by launching their Fabrication, HGV Maintenance & Consulting divisions. Which further ensured their commitment to provide their customers with the best possible service throughout their entire operations.