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NQA Salutes Our Forces During Armed Forces Week

23 June 2020
NQA are proud of our commitment to honour the Armed Forces Community and continue to pledge our support to the Armed Forces Corporate Covenant.

This week (Armed Forces Week) we are showing our support and gratitude to the brave individuals who make up the Armed Forces community.
The Armed Forces community is made up of several groups:

  • The Armed Forces – current serving troops who are busy around the world

  • Veterans – anyone who has served in the HM Armed Forces at any time

  • Reservists – our Reserve Forces who volunteer their spare time

  • Cadets – over 130,000 young people across the UK

  • Families – the close support network for each member of the Armed Forces

  • Charities - Although Armed Forces Day is not a charitable event, the Armed Forces have the support of several UK and local charities supporting them

The NQA Team are delighted to #SaluteOurForces to pay tribute to the British Armed Forces Community.

Gemma Mitchell (HR Manager) comments: “The Salute Our Forces is a simple way for the NQA team to show gratitude and recognition to the Armed Forces Community for their dedication, hard work and support to keep us all safe in the UK and across the Globe. We are incredibly lucky to work alongside Veterans from every area of the Armed Forces community and welcome the opportunity to expand this team further in the coming years through attendance at the military recruitment fairs”.
NQA was presented the Silver Award in the 2018 Ministry of Defence’s Employer Recognition Scheme. Find out more here.