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During Uncertain Times, it’s OK to Not Feel OK

29 June 2020
2020 has been one of those years! Change management hats have been securely fastened on as we find ourselves with more questions than answers.

There are certainly mixed feelings amongst us all, as businesses start to return and workplaces begin to open… here at NQA we are no different.

So what do we tell ourselves? That it’s OK to be looking for more support right now. That it’s OK to feel a little uncertain of the next steps. That it’s OK to look for more reassurance from your supply chain and external partners.
At NQA we care about you and your organisation’s health and wellbeing.
We have set up a range of tools to help you ensure your business continues to operate as “normal” as possible right now:

Remote audits

  • The safety of individuals across the globe is of utmost importance right now. That’s why, when you have an audit with NQA we will be completing as much of your audit remotely as possible. Be prepared in advance, take a look at our audit preparation guidance.

  • We’ve worked hard to ensure that our clients get as much value from a remote audit as possible. With thousands of remote audits under our belt, we thought it may be useful to hear what our clients think of them

COVID SECURE Guideline Verification

  • We have developed a specific verification (The NQA COVID SECURE Guideline Verification) as an independent verification to provide assurance that your organisation has put in place specific measures to mitigate the transmission of COVID-19 in accordance to government guidelines. Find out more here.

Virtual Training

  • We’ve developed a focussed Return to Work Post COVID-19 Lockdown Risk Assessment course. The course is designed to ensure you understand all of your duties and responsibilities, as staff begin to return, as well as giving you the tools you need to complete a thorough risk assessment. Book your virtual place here.

  • All of our training courses are now virtual courses! Don’t worry they are still as interactive and engaging as normal. You can book on to any of our courses here, from foundation awareness courses right through to Lead Auditor and Lead Auditor Conversion courses.

  • It’s normal to be concerned about the engagement and learning experience from a virtual course compared to a face to face one. We’ve sourced lots of client testimonials to help you best prepare.

Coronavirus legislation

  • The changes required to ensure the safety and welfare of people across the planet has meant that we have seen many legislative changes recently. To help you we have collated these in one handy place.

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